Lighting Up A Home With Style And Purpose

Lighting Up A Home With Style And Purpose

Good lighting is essential for any interior space. After all, who wants to dwell in a dull space?

Yet, it seems to be a struggle to achieve a look that simultaneously satisfies the style requirement along with the necessary functionality in a single step. Many of us can simply chance the results, based on solving the most immediate problem; inadvertently, this can cause another in our haste to simply get a light fitting installed.

All too often, we sacrifice either form or function without giving due consideration to the overall effect we want from the room. As buying a new light is not an everyday occurrence in most households, shoppers are often in the dark about what to look out for. It can leave you feeling confused.

The light fixture should fit nicely in the space, be stylish and provide enough light. have produced this little handy guide to help those who may not have considered lighting before but now want to ensure their next purchase is the best it can be.

Lynne Hickin director of says:

“There is always a way to enhance a lighting scheme retrospectively but if we can encourage shoppers to consider the form and function as having equal importance at the outset, it saves them having to problem solve later. We know this form and function approach brings a usability that delights for many years.”

In this short guide to buying lights, we answer the un-asked questions.

Which lights are best for a room?

The best lights for any room are the ones that perform the function you need them to, whilst looking great in the setting.

What good lighting should have.

Has the right brightness for the space they are lighting.

Fit the space not being too small or encroaching too much into the occupant’s space.

Suit the interior style and decor of the space.

Have the correct functionality. 

And of course, correctly installed.

It’s all in the detail.

Don’t miss the planning stage when you are buying new lighting, or you’ll be dissatisfied with the results. Let’s spotlight a few of the important points to help you light your room with the flourish and the confidence of a lighting designer.

What is the mood you want for the room?

Relaxed or clinically fresh?

The style of fixtures and light bulbs can dramatically alter the feel of a room. If you want a relaxed feel, opt for lots of lamps that diffuse light. This will create a mellow mood perfect for evenings a place to unwind and socialize or simply watch the TV.


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