The Magic of Light; Hidden sources of illumination

The Magic of Light; Hidden sources of illumination

The joy of integral LEDs in modern wall lights

For many years, we have all had to ‘see’ the source of light. If you like the vintage trend for seeing bare bulbs, you were in luck! If you were a fan of more modern, minimalist lighting design, then it could be hard to find a light that you liked. Regardless whether the light source was a flame on a candle or a light bulb, it was always obvious where the light is coming from. We may have covered bulbs with fabrics and other materials, but the evidence was still clear to see.

Integral LEDs are now in the mainstay of lighting designs. Initially, there was hesitancy about integral LEDs, as once their lifetime is spent, you’d have to replace the light fitting. We understand now that they last such a long time that this is no longer a concern. They’ll last on average up to twenty years!

LED Wall Lights - Very low energy lighting with a very long life

We are advocates of the use of these integral LEDs in wall lights. Wall lights are often underutilised in homes. As they are mostly situated at eye level, they are a major indicator of the look you’re going for. Wall lights, put simply, take a standard room and light it to the next level.

The sense of wonderment that these integral LEDs offers are starting to realise their potential. We don’t want to have glare in our eyes; modern homes are all about subtleties that make life that little bit more comfortable and relaxing. We crave to create the right ambience for the setting of the room and our interiors have got so much more sophisticated now. Where once, we may have got inspiration from hospitality settings, we now take a myriad of ideas and make them shine in our own, unique way.

LED Wall Lights

Whilst creating the perfect balance, we also want to stay on the cutting edge of design. Todays homes are ones where our personality shows through, more than at any other time throughout history.

Integral LEDs perfectly address the balance of the magic of ambience and contemporary styling. Reflecting light of matte and contrasting shiny surfaces to create a three-dimensional depth to the light. Using reflective and absorbing colours to vary the effect of the light depending on the look you want to create, whilst tying in with the colour scheme in your room.

They also have the appeal of being slim in design, sitting closer to the wall than their more traditional styled counterparts. Homes generally adopt a smaller footprint now then in previous decades and we can see rooms and through areas becoming narrower.

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